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Carrie Kerr

I have 25 years of experience providing therapy in outpatient mental health settings. I work with older adolescents and adults, and individual work is my primary modality. I am experienced in treating anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders. I also provide therapy for grief, trauma, and parenting support. I am fluent in Spanish as a second language, and offer sessions in Spanish as well. In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and my two rescue dogs.

Calm Sea

About Therapy

People usually seek therapy when they are struggling. There is often emotional turmoil and a sense of being "stuck." The first therapeutic task is to share the struggles and pain, and to experience the gift of being seen and heard by a therapist. This alone is often powerful and can provide relief over time.

As clients share their pain stories, we often notice patterns of coping. Many patterns are adaptive and help clients lead full, meaningful lives. However, we may notice coping patterns that, while well-intentioned, keep clients from leading the lives they desire. Here is the second task of therapy: to observe patterns that do not serve, and to try out new patterns. This takes time and effort, but can be very rewarding. When clients engage in this deeper level of therapeutic work, they often find that in addition to recovering from their initial struggles, they experience growth and become even stronger.


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9017 Forest Hill Avenue Suite 2A, North Chesterfield, VA 23235  |  Tel: +1(434)-535-5201

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