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  • Do you accept insurance plans?
    I accept Anthem health insurance.
  • What are your fees for self-pay?
    My fees for the most common therapeutic services are as follows: $160/ First session/ assessment. $150 Standard 50 minute therapy session.
  • Do you work with clients of all ages?
    I work with older adolescents (age 18 and older) and adults.
  • Do you provide family or couples therapy?
    I am not a couples therapist nor a family therapist. I do see other members of a client’s family as part of individual treatment for specific, time- limited purposes related to treatment goals.
  • What is your theoretical orientation for therapy?
    I am an eclectic therapist, with emphasis on theories such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and the somatic therapies. My own yoga practice has given me great appreciation for the integration of mind and body in wellness. I remain true to my training in social work, with its emphasis on mind, body, and spirit in healing. I also retain the social work practice of viewing individuals in the context of the systems surrounding them: such as the family and the larger society.
  • When are you available to see clients?
    I practice week-days, and am in the office Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I practice from home (via Telehealth) on Mondays. While I have limited evening appointments, new clients will need to have regular day-time availability.
  • Do you provide Telehealth and in-person sessions?
    I provide in-person sessions for those that are fully vaccinated (Covid-19). I provide Telehealth sessions as well, for those who are not fully vaccinated, and for those who find Telehealth more convenient.
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